Sophie Harris is an Emmy-nominated documentary film producer based in Portland, Oregon.  With more than 10 years of experience, the films she has worked on have enjoyed widespread recognition including an Academy Award Nomination, the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary, multiple Emmy Nominations for Best Documentary, Best Music & Sound and Best Economic Reporting, the IDA Pare Lorentz Award and many other accolades. She was personally received an Emmy Nomination for Best Research in the News and Documentary field. 

painting by  Mason Bondi

painting by Mason Bondi


Sophie has helped produce seven films, both feature-length and shorts, for HBO Documentary Films.  She has been a producer with Vermilion Films, Part 2 Pictures, Representational Pictures, Visual Aid and the advertising company Wieden & Kennedy.  She has produced films on five continents and all over the United States.  She has also worked with CNN, the PBS documentary showcase P.O.V., the Smithsonian, Participant Media, the software company Autodesk, and as a local journalist in Portland, Oregon. 

In addition to her long format film work she has produced short pieces on an array of subjects – deforestation and illegal palm oil production in Indonesia, hearing loss and cochlear implants in children, anti-contraception religious activists in Uganda, Iraqi war refugees seeking mental health treatment in Jordan, sex-trafficking survivors in the U.S., men in prison and their transition from long-term sentences to the outside, ex-Contra fighters in Nicaragua – and many other subjects, even music videos and commercial pieces. 


Sophie is also a fluent Spanish speaker and has produced several pieces in Spanish.


She is a graduate of New York University and Brown University.





"I am an artist and an organizer. I identify and arrange images and information. I love digital story telling and seek out the interface of creativity and systems. I like meeting people and listening. I want to push the boundaries of format and voice. I am always hungry for stories, for opportunities, and for knowledge. I generate character-based explorations of the human experience, using emotion and image to weave a story rooted in individual honesty and tied to larger social truths. I take responsibility and make things happen, finding the most efficient and effective ways to steer the project to its completion."

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